Les Jardins de Beauve   


Guest House

For your pleasure

Treat yourself to a real pause, entirely  devoted to a well-balanced mind and body.         

Trained  in Bio-energy and Ayurvédic care according to the tradition of North-India, Pascale practices massages using various kind of therapies specifically adapted to your Ayurvedic body type and your personal needs. 

You'd like to find back your inborn energy,
and forget stress, pain, insomnia, weariness, stiffness, mental blocks,

I offer
a number of complementary ayurvedic and energetically practices:

-  9 différent Ayurvedic Massages  with special aromatic oils or with clay or herbs, chosen according to your needs and your preference, and to your unique physical and psychical natural constitution.

- Marma thérapy, acupressure-type massage.
- Ayurvédic Réflexology on feet and hands.
- Litho thérapy, re-balancing by applying semi-precious stones on the body.
- Bio-energétic check-up and re-balancing.


See below more details and rates.

...and some facilities

For Baby


Wooden baby bed, baby bath

Chairs for toddler and young child 

Convenience organic baby food.

Pour votre plaisir...

Pleasure of tastes

 (all organic and as much as possible locally produced)



The Breakfast is included in the rate

Served from 7:30 to 9:30

All the produces, different kinds of bread, cakes, yoghurt, fresh fruits, apple juice, butter, jam and honey, cheese, porridge, are organically and mostly locally or home produced.

The Table d'hôte is only provided on reservation (at least two days before arrival)

The price is  17 euros for supper with soup, vegetable pie, cooked or fresh fruits, apple juice.


For Horse riders


Fields and shelter for the horses (6 € per horse per night)

- simple stable (2 horses together)

- paddock with grass

- fields

Shelter for the saddlery

Possible bivouac in the orchard( 10 euros per pers/night)

For Bikers and Cyclists


Shelter for the bikes and bicycles 

Pleasure of strolling


You can borrow

- 2 bicycles for adults (with helmets and first aid material)

- a baby carrier

- general maps and hiking tours


I can provide a picnic  (14 euros per guest). Please ask 1 day in advance.

Ayurveda helps body and mind

to find balance and beauty



Care, but first of all prevent, in every aspect of the health

Inherited, together with yoga, from the Indian spiritual way of life, this medical knowledge exists since more than 5000 years. Ayurveda offers a wide, complete and coherent range of treatments, a way of healing as well as a preventive therapy, based, in addition to medical procedures, on an essential healthy lifestyle: diététic, body care, good breathing, yoga practice, massages, treatments with special plants and stones.


The balance

The base principles of Ayurveda are equilibrium and interactions between three fundamental forces determinant for the nature of each person. Each of these forces is dominated by one or more of the 5 components of de universe, earth, water, fire, air and space. 

Sickness appears when the natural balance inherent to each person is lost.

The purpose of Ayurveda is then to restore the natural harmony.

Ayurvedic massage, as well as réflexology and lithothérapy, have an action on the whole being, it means at physical level the same as mental, emotional, spiritual level.

Menu and price list


The Guest may benefit of preferencial rates for all the ayurvedic and energetic treatments.

Yoga and Méditation are free


A la carte

Abhyanga or Dosha massage    duration 60mn   64€              

Shiro abhyanga                                    35mn   41€               

Réflexology                                          35mn   41€        Bio-energetic check-up+ balancing    90mn  71€        

Mukha abhyanga                                  30mn   41€        Balancing with stones                       60mn  49€      

Garshana massage                               60mn   64€        Shirodhara                                                 64€

Udvartana                                            60mn   64€        Svedana (complement to a massage)          17€

It's advisable to add 20mn welcome and conversation.


Menu for a few days

It's very interesting to combine une series of treatments during two to five days in order to gain a durable result.

Examples: Detox session (avec repas ayurvediques végetariens)

                Emotional release session

                Complete destress session

The prices are degressive (réduction  10%) from three massages per person during the stay.   

Contact me if you want to establish a specific program.